Skylight 2017

Skylight is Trinity Preparatory School’s online literary journal founded by Susan Lilley’s creative writing workshop students in 2012. It is associated with the Trinity Literary Society under English teachers Ms. Lilley and Robert Boerth. We aim to showcase Trinity’s literary and artistic talent in an accessible way, and to encourage and celebrate creativity.

Meet the Editors


The Anthem of Our America by Alexandra Lipton

Jewelry Box by Delaney McLinden

The Lost and Found by Delaney McLinden

Scales by Delaney McLinden

Untitled by Delaney McLinden

Goodbye to My Youth by Delaney McLinden

The Boys’ Bathroom by Arianna Dantes

Gone by Kyden Payne

Litany by Trent Bangle

On People Who Can Sing by Zoe Myers-Bochner

Morning Practice by Zoe Myers-Bochner

I’d Save You First by Zoe Myers-Bochner

The Sky Turned Red by Zoe Myers-Bochner



Reading by Elizabeth Gordon

A Love Letter (To Myself) by Zoe Myers-Bochner


Snowy Fingers by Joe Paoli

Book Reviews

Night Speed by Nixie Turner



Arianna Dantes, Class of 2018


Emma Meeks, Class of 2018

Amelia Chan, Class of 2018

Arianna Dantes, Class of 2018

Kismet Kohn, Class of 2020


Remy Takes AP Lang by Alexandra Lipton

Phantom by Arianna Dantes


Featured Middle School Writers:

Sleep by Deniz Boloni-Turgut

Anger by Deniz Boloni-Turgut

Sun by Deniz Boloni-Turgut

9/11 Memorial Poem by Lindsey Zhuang

An Explanation of Death by Nili Ivan

Where I’m From by Thomas Kienle

Where I’m From by Alyssa Shultz

Where I’m From by Carlos O’Connor

Where I’m From by Sierra Jobman

I’ll  Give You the Sun: A Review by Ellie Watson

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