Night Speed: A Review

By: Nixie Turner

Seventeen year old Alana West lives in a world where a drug called Tetra can give superhuman strength and speed. The draw back, it lasts for a total of nine minutes and once the user reaches the age of 18 it starts to becomes fatal. Alana West is an active runner in the Tetra Response Unit, an experimental law enforcement group in New York City, focused on taking down criminals who wish to abuse the power and rush this drug creates. Even though Alana is one of their best runners, the days until her 18th birthday are numbered, and she will be forced to retire. This is something she doesn’t want on the account that she is trying to find the people responsible for putting her little brother in a wheelchair and almost killing him. With her time running out, Alana is secretly picked to go undercover into an elite gang of Tetra enhanced criminals in order to uncover their supply of the drug and eliminate it. While on her mission, however, Alana unexpectedly befriends one of these criminals, a boy named Ethan and starts to realize that everything is not exactly as it seems. With the clock quickly counting down and Alana’s increasing addiction to Tetra, she comes to a certain impasse she must choose between her own wellbeing or vengeance.

I thought Night Speed was a very good book. It brought light to a serious and real life topic, drug addiction, with discussions on drug use and the struggle of withdrawal in a unique way and was a very enjoyable read. The book was well done with the right amount of fantasy, emotion, and fast paced action. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes books about real life problems with the right amount of action and fantasy.