An Explanation of Death

By: Nili Ivan

A bright light,

A lost fight,

And the dead have died that day,

A corpse, a body,

A grave, a tomb,

And maybe a murmured “I’m sorry”

But it’s not their fault,

For Mother Nature decides,

The fate of her people,

Who lives and who dies,

And it’s her fault that we grieve and we grieve,

We try to forget,

But the pain never leaves,

We make a fresh start,

We try and we try,

But there’s a hole in our heart,

A hole that no needle and thread can sew,

An internal pain,

Just something we know,

And death has committed it’s greatest crime,

But inside we know: they just ran out of time,

For deaths not our enemy,

It’s time that we hate,

He is the cause of unfortunate fate,

The one who causes these tears,

He consists of our greatest fears,

He is the source of all of this sadness,

The pain, the tears, and all of the madness,

I really am sorry for your loss,

But what would you do if time was your boss?