Goodbye to My Youth

By: Delaney McLinden

I never got to say goodbye.


Those summers with lollypops

and sticky, careless glee,

The tie-dyed thrifted shirts

with miss-matched plaid skirts,

the dirty, earthy feet 

and unevenly painted toes,

the crooked smiles and unruly curls 

covering freckled, sunburned cheeks,

and the mischievous glances 

towards mermaids in the pool.

The mediocre grades and tuneless songs

drifting through fairy gardens with planted money trees

and bejeweled grave stones,

the princess time capsules and scrawled love letters,

piled below night lights and pictures and midnight candy;

The youth and love in a decade of spring. 


All locked in a rusty, tin lunch box, 

hidden under clovers and wild daisies,

below the sickening flu of foggy autumn, 

waiting, like time’s treasure chest, through the 

passing years,

where I last remembered it to be.