I’ll Give You the Sun: A Review

By: Ellie Watson

If I said that I’ll Give You The Sun didn’t change my outlook on life, I’d definitely be lying. I’ll Give You The Sun tells the story of Noah and Jude, a pair of twins struck apart by tragedy at a young age. Noah is quiet, and isolated in his own thoughts. He never stops drawing, translating his feelings into powerful works of art. Not to mention he’s falling in love with the boy next door, Brian. Jude is a dare devil, wears bright lipstick, hangs out with boys and is fiercely protective of Noah, even though sometimes she forgets he exists. They live in harmony but are simultaneously constantly battling for their mother’s attention. At 13, Noah tells the story. Three years later, at 16, Jude tells the story. After their mother’s death struck their family, they grieved in different ways and went different ways. At 16, their personalities have almost switched, Jude attending the art school Noah so desperately wanted to go to, wearing baggy clothes, and had chopped off all her hair that could have only been described as a “river of light”. Noah is dating a girl, is on the cross country team, and now has friends of his own. Noah has half the story, and Jude has the other. If they could only find their way back to each other, the world would make sense. I’ll Give You The Sun was one of the most powerful, heartbreaking, and joyful books I’ll probably ever read. While the characters are a bit bizarre, each of their dynamic personalities plays a crucial part in the ever-webbing story. The unique narration of the complicated story (Noah tells it when the twins are 13, Jude tells it when the twins are 16) makes it an extremely enjoyable and charismatic read. I highly suggest this story for anyone, especially if you’re ready to embark on a journey filled with romance, adventure, heartbreak, superstitions, and especially, art.