Spring – Summer 2014

Skylight is Trinity Preparatory School’s online literary journal founded by Susan Lilley’s creative writing workshop students in 2012. It is associated with the Trinity Literary Society under English teachers Ms. Lilley and Robert Boerth. We aim to showcase Trinity’s literary and artistic talent in an accessible way, and to encourage and celebrate creativity.

Fall Preview! Haiku for October

eraser shavings by Jessica Kotnour
Nightbird of Nyx by Lexie Garcie
A Fool’s Dream by Jake Bentley
Ode to the Good Old Days by Morgan Schober
Asians for Dummies: A Guide by Amy Sukserm
Nametag by Amy Sukserm
Jazzhouse memories by Aliya Centner

Featured Poet: Paxton Fleming ’15

God by Paxton Fleming
Goddess by Paxton Fleming
Metamorphosis: a Trilogy by Paxton Fleming


Featured Fiction Writer: Mirren Arney ’15

Welcome to the Sunny Palms Hotel by Mirren Arney
Closing Time at Kings’ Diner  by Mirren Arney

The Islanders by Paxton Fleming
Truth or Dare by Lily Bounds


This Has Gotta Be the Good Life by Caroline Carney
A Nostalgic Comatose by Brianna Marie Garcia
How to Make the Most of the Day:The Perfect Playlist for Smiling by  Gillian Perkins
The Soundtrack to a Swimmer’s Life by Ellie Wood
Sunkissed and Oblivious by Sydney Garrett

Picasso Can Paint with Words, Too by Amy Sukserm

Senior Book Club Picks! Reviews by Liam Philiben, Anna Sephton, Sebastian De Armas, Arvind Raju
More Book Reviews! Grads Rock your Reading World by Zachary Kobrin, Lexie Dantes, and Mark Nalley


Celeste Caldwell
Celeste Caldwell
Rebecca Kiriazes
Winston Purkey
Winston Purkey


Photographs by Jessica Kotnour, Leah Krinker, Jesse Millson, Gabe Rodriguez, Kayil Sarpu, and Peter Vandendriessche

Reader Flashlight Challenge
Love for Inanimate Objects by Jake Bentley, Paxton Fleming, Amy Sukserm, and Emily Schenck

Sixth Grade poets chime in! With Ava Rothrock, Anusha Karandikar, Shivani Patel, Ella Louria, Daniel Tressler, Alex Bedine, Whitney Kaemmer, and Ethan Schenck

Featured Middle School Writer: Valerie Trapp ’18

Two Poems by Valerie Trapp
 Immigration: An Essay by Valerie Trapp


Venerable by Agatha Advincula
Moon by Agatha Advincula
Tempest by Delaney McLinden
Winter Kingdom by Delaney McLinden
Perpetual Motion by Summer Heidish
The Twins by Camille Castillo

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