I’d Save You First

By:  Zoe Myers-Bochner

Tangles of bodies bob

in the waves,

but hidden beneath the surf

I’d always find you.

That’s when I knew

I was in over my head.

When you’d shimmer at one hundred paces

within five seconds

I was thrown-into-shark-infested-waters-


I pulled you down with me.

Though you can swim better than I,

we both know that,

well. I’d save you first.

Your feet dance below the surface,

not fast enough to keep your head above water.

I see you leisurely waltz

though we both know you can Salsa to a beat

fast enough to propel us both


up into the air.


I plant my feet on the bottom

(or maybe it’s the back of a shark)

and risk my life

to get your head back above the surface.

You thank me. It wasn’t a favor.

A vice, rather.

Five minutes later you’ll go under again

and this time it’ll be both of us

and this time I’ll be the one


for air.

Birds fly overhead.

Their V formation looks more

like a heart.