By: Elizabeth Gordon


A pile of unread, shiny covered, as new as spring appearing from the chilly months of winter. Which one to choose? Which one to explore its depths and unending twists and turns? Which one to fall in love with the characters, and pursue their heroic attributes? One is chosen: the new guardian of hopes and dreams. At first, lightly reading, introducing characters, and establishing the plot and settings. Through the rain or shine, the pages illuminated with flowing words and diverse characters. Near the middle, alliances are broken, relationships are smashed, and a life is taken. Tears in eyes, not wanting to go on. Through the pain a suspenseful new storyline has taken place. Hands rushed quick, flipping pages at lightning speed. Eyes taking in words, scared, excited, as fast as a running river. You are now in the story. A part of the heroes, the villains, the magic. Diving into each new chapter, hesitant, for the safety of your beloved life support, but ready for the next adventure. Time to start “life” back up again. Putting the book down, your lifeline, hopes and dreams. In a daze. What is life living without magic? Real life is so boring. Why not go and explore caves, save princesses, save the world from ultimate demise, fly in a spaceship? Too bad the reading is not in the same category as eating, sleeping, and drinking. Missing the book, its warm embrace, and calming touch. Finally the torture is up. Time is on your side, you are in your own world, in which time is no more. Finally, the bliss is over. The book is finished. Eyes red with exhaustion, your heart is complete, the mission complete. Book hangover. Ready for the next adventure.