The Sky Turned Red

By:  Zoe Myers-Bochner


the top of the bell tower

cracked open the sky,

and it bled. It turned red

as we sat in class;

and sat and sat,

tapping our toes

across the floor.

We watched the squirrels

chasing their tails

around tree trunks

outside the window,

not noticing

that the sky was bright red.

Parts of our souls were returned to us,

all with bright red grades

in bright red ink

the same shade as the sky

(we still hadn’t noticed the sky).

We argued about god

and the beginning of time,

not noticing the end

as the sky caught on fire

and crumbled

into black charcoal

that bounced off of airplanes

and satellites in the sky

and fell down our chimneys

and into our lungs

And we still hadn’t noticed the sky.