Where I’m From

By: Alyssa Shultz

I am from the piano,

From crayola, and craftsmart

I am from the corner in the back hall

with the paints and brushes.  

I am from the flowers out back,

the grass that surrounds my house,

I am from board games on christmas morning,

and persistence from my mom,

my sister and my grandma.

I am from the creativity and musicality.

From “One foot in front of the other”,

and “put your best foot forward”.

I am from Christianity.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

I’m from Florida and Sweden,

spiralized zucchini and swedish meatballs.

From the time my sister graduated from college,

the time I started acting, singing and playing piano,

and the time my guinea pigs found a home.

I am from the computer hard drive,

That stores my lifelong memories.