Where I’m From

By: Sierra Jobman

I am from Vera Bradley, from EOS Lip Balm and iPhone.

I am from the stage upstairs, dancing and

leaping across the smooth floor.

I am from the Hydroponic Garden,

the dandelions, and the Italian Cypress.

I am from Calzones on Friday and opinionated,

from Douglas and Linda and Dexter.

I am from the Type “A” and giving.

From “Be Positive” and “Try your hardest.”

I am from the Lord is my shepherd,

I shall not be in want.

I’m from Winter Park and Canada, tacos and chocolate

From the time Grandma had to pee in the cornfield,
the song we sang, and the fart in the Ferris Wheel.

I am from digital photo books,
and a mix of emotions
both alive and dead,
happy and sad.