Where I’m From

By: Thomas Kienle


I am from math,

from the oven and the dishwasher.

I am from the kitchen

(the smell of the fresh fruit.)                                     

I am from the garden,

the grass,

The itch the grass gave

me as if I have it everyday

I am from lacrosse and freckles,

from Joe and Georgia

and Thomas.

I am from the “Kindest of the kind”

and “No quitters”.

From “Never give up”

And “Integrity”

I am from faith

While praying for healing

I’m from Arnold Palmer and Long Island,

Chicken Parmesan and Meatballs.

From the time my grandfather fought in the Korean War,

The time that my uncles fought fires to save lives,

and the time my grandpa fought in the Air Force for our country.

I am from scrapbooks.

I am from hard scrapbooks,

Soft scrapbooks,

Broken scrapbooks,

Flimsy scrapbooks,

Prized scrapbooks.